Missions and waves

After a long time I reinstall the game and play. And bois the “first” impression of the game is not bad at all, everything are very well done! So I tried out a mission and yes, the impressions are good, and I thought why did I forgot this game? After just 2 waves and see another waves im already bored again. I really thought about why was this good game boring in the first place, and now i had the answer for that.
First let’s me clear my point of view of the missions: Each mission consists of 40 or less waves, that takes 30 minutes or less to clear. Each wave is an enemy formatting, that, in general, doesn’t really matter to players. Because whatever the wave is, all the player do is dodging and firing and collecting at the same time. There’s no thing more than that, the waves are not tricky to clear, or require different skills, or harder (what they are not harder???), they are just similar waves at one point or another. That means the player basically clears a wave, do it again, upto 30 minutes on longest missions. A hardest kind of wave can appear on the very first mission while the easiest boss in the game which is far uncomparable to it appears on the wave 40. There’s a difficulty scaling but it simply doesn’t seem to work.
So why other games work, I played Fall Guys, which has similar “wave” mechanic as this game, doesn’t feel bore fast because it has different and creative kinds of “wave”, and some waves are fairly hard especially final matchs, but failed just because there were so little kinds of “wave”. Dota 2 games can take one whole hour to finish, still not feel as boring as our game’s gameplay. In Dota 2, there’s one thing players always have in mind that is scaling, that’s everyone has to make progress and stop enemy’s progress or they’ll lose, also there are invisible phases that come because of new objectives and other scaling mechanics in game.
Solution? Don’t have. You’ll reject them anyway. Generally new things that form a bigger picture, and new things to thing about while you pass a wave, new ways to approach a wave, and clearer difficulty difference.


In my opinion the game is boring because endgame waves are just coward/chickenauts/eggships spam.
The game just needs more enemy variety.
When cowards, slobs and toxic were released the whole way to play changed (not the gameplay, but the way a player approach a level)

I just sit here and wait for more enemies (The game as so much potential that people are still original after my 30s… That I still have to complete with images…)

Tldr: Game good, more enemies better because less boredoom


I quite appreciate your viewpoints 1uws, but I wish you were a bit more coherent.

  1. This game currently is just a pseudo-multiplayer, you’re literally playing the game by yourself, and just comparing your stats among other players. So it’s weird you compared this with real multiplayer games.
  2. Veteran can literally memorize all of the contents in game. This game needs more content and variety.
  3. Bosses feel underwhelming especially after you encounter lots of epic waves.
  4. Like what Stardrone said.
  5. Etc.

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