Mission Message (custom Death/Victory message)

Was going to bring this up too. I like this suggestion, but I’d rather have custom quips than mission messages, personally.

I don’t think the policy will change given a significant portion of the game’s audience will be children.

That said:

  • Quips and mission messages are both local - other players can’t see these, so there’s no huge danger in allowing them.
  • The game already allows for custom text in callsigns and spaceship names, not to mention having a built-in translation engine(!), so it’s not as though this would be a huge step away from that. (And yes, streamers, and yes, trueuser has a point here. You could edit the video or mod the game to have bad content in there, if you were so inclined.)

tl;dr: I don’t think that there’s a strong argument against custom text entry (especially for client-only display) given the precedents that have already been set.

This is also a great idea. Could be entertaining in multiplayer, too. Probably not the easiest thing to code, though.


Did you just rickrolled me

Me with these

That’s illegal

Why are we here just to suffer every night

Since entering the space store, I have not seen any chat entries and death notices😥

Nope, you wouldn’t to getting the message themes that cuz the idea it would be ready until the developer of the game’s himself it would looking forward on it to becoming as an newest feature to an newest version of the game if aware.


Good Idea

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Mission Failed!
“You seriously tought you had a small hitbox to get the firepower through those projectiles. Nice.”

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woops the nice cut off

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a very good idea, i think that custom hero quips should be added with this idea for more customization, bc some players just play this as a dress your spaceship game, why not more customization, even MORE customization.

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I suggested a while back changing MISSION FAILED to MISSION FOWELED. I didn’t get a response. Tell me what you think. Be well all…

Didn’t you get a response?

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