Mission Lost

When one of players has no missions lost , Is this player the best ? I have no missions lost

I have another question. When can I start uploading photos to the forum ? IA doesn’t allow me because I am new here !

And same for not surrendering missions, but it doesn’t matter really.

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you mean that you want to enjoy only ?

you are right i will just enjoy playing .

Look mate, It really doesn’t matter whether you lose or win, we all enjoy without caring if we lose or win, it is a game after all.


you are right we don’t need to see who is the best player

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and it doesn’t tell you much about that player


Hey I can’t find you anywhere ! Can I know your Callsign ?

Your non-mission lost will eventually come to an end, when you play a super hard mission to challenge yourself, you stumbled across deadly scenarios like Gatling chicken roulette, Dazzling Coordination with spammed chickenauts or bosses like the Yolk-Star with 7 lasers, The Egg Cannon Cannon Cannon and others. It maybe even a dumb reason, like forgetting to pause your game, your mouse is freaking out or you can’t control your spacecraft.


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Hey I can’t find you anywhere ! Can I know your Callsign ?

Don’t spam okay?

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The answer is:

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Sorry guys if I am spam . sorry ! I want to post as you do all but I am still new here

thx you

just type Emerald and you’re done lol

Agreed, it’s all about the player’s performance in-game. I have such a low victory ratio because I surrender missions a lot, otherwise if I were to play them regardless of what was wrong I would have 70 or even 80% (10-20% - missions lost).

Almost none of the profile stats matter or tell you how good the player is, as most of them can be farmed on lower difficulties or some other specific ways. Instead of looking at missions lost, you should look at “lives lost” as it’s either very easy or very hard to lose a mission depending on the number of lives you take and of course the mission itself (you can play an unprepared long hard mission and almost always die or play an easy short mission with 20 lives and never die).
Something I usually look at, if I want to see if the player is “good” is the number of challenges won, but of course even that is inconsitent as the player can be good without playing any challenges. The other thing would be the number of Elite trophies but the player could play only easy challenges and still be good at the game, or play another type of mission that’s considered “elite” such as meteors or comet chase.

Conclusion: you can’t judge about anyone based on their profile stats, there are way too many factors for the stats to ever matter.


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I always look at the profile stats of other players out of curiosity ( :eyes: ) but I agree there’s not a lot of stuff you can objectively conclude from it because of how many factors influence the actual game.

Trophies can at least tell you what sort of difficulty a player flies on, and what their special weapon / satellite usage is, but again it’s not like you can (or really should) find the “best” player.

Ultimately everyone plays the game in a different way for different reasons - some try to never die, some try to ferociously grab all the food on the screen, some fly tons of challenges, some like to fly with as much equipment as they possibly can.

I think that stats can tell you a lot about someone’s playstyle (which I love trying to figure out), but not much about how good/bad they are.
And that’s probably for the best.