Mission Failed Contact Idea

When you have a contact, it shows you if they failed the mission or won the mission, but it would be cool to be like, (friend) died at wave 10 or something like that, it might seem uncool, but i would like to see where my friend dies on the hardest mission i assigned him to lol.


Aha, this would actually be pretty cool!

Then everyone could see all the dailies I’m dying on wave 1/2 because I don’t pack extra lives…

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What a shameful report.

“Write it down! Write it down!”

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I know because you’re my contact and why you didn’t buy extra lives

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Pretty cool idea. (and all of my contacts will see me surrendering hard missions)

I surrender on hard missions too. Its np

I never surrender missions which is probably another reason I crash alot :joy:

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I surrender missions when i know i cant beat them, like when i have 1 life and yolk-star is the boss

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