Mini Idea: UCO Prototype


I need someone to do the concept art for my idea! Due to the school and the lack of time I can’t do that stuff. For more info, please contact me at Chicken Invaders Discord Server (I’m TaxiBotolov856)

Every Chicken Invaders fan knows what UCO stands for, what is it and how dangerous it is…
It would be fun to see the mini-boss version of that bastard.

The idea is inspired by the CI3 Flash version’s boss (which is unfortunately an reskin of Crazy Squawker/Big Chicken). However, the way this enemy works is different.

Take this picture for design reference:


First, as the idea name implies, it is the prototype of UCO’s spaceship which is larger than Chickenaut, but smaller than finalized UCOs and lacks “tentacle weapons”. The size of that spaceship makes for containing several chickens at once, but only one - the pilot - is visible.

That miniboss has exclusive restrictions regarding of its power:

  • Up to 5 of them can only be spawned in a single wave (at 90% - 100% difficulty)
  • Cannot spawn in waves where its attack is unavoidable
    *Cannot spawn in waves where spawn ratio of the same enemy goes higher than UCO Prototype’s limit

Be careful though, as it can shoot laser (Alien UFO style) directed to the place the player’s spaceship was for 3 seconds. (The pilot’s eyes are tracking the player’s location for an accurate shot ). After shooting the laser, the prototype must wait 5 seconds for reload, then homing the player’s coordinates and so on.

Upon destruction, up to 5 random chickens (starting from chick breeds through chicken breeds to special breeds [Chickenauts, Slob Chickens and UFO Chicks/Chickens not included]) are deployed and starting to fly everywhere (it’s like breaking an Egg). The player is rewarded with coins and lots of points (if defeated with glowing aura 3 keys will drop)

What do you think? Is it good or bad idea? Let me know in the comments down below.

Let me know if you find some updates too restrictive or they give too much power for the enemy


Yes It’s good idea

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It is



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Yes, it is good really

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Well that was necessary!

I don’t know, we got Gatling Guns to deal with as mini bosses in-waves. I thnik we don’t need another ones. In bullethell waves it’ll be impossible to beat.

Spawn limit & restrictions added for an balance :wink:


Now you made it better! Good job.


Thank you :slightly_smiling_face:


Update #1:
UCO comes with 3 variants:

  • Classic - (see the idea description), colored like the CI3’s UCO
  • Military - colored in camo with red lights; drops 5 grenades upon death and has more chance for deploying Military breed
  • Wacky - rainbow colors for main body with random lights; the accuracy and shot speed are randomized (with a warning line respectively); has more chance for deploying special breeds

Update #2:
Some tweaks and fixes:

  • Wacky & Military UCO Prototype variant has a 5% - 15% chance of replacing the Classic UCO-P (yes, that’s the new nickname for this enemy, don’t judge me)
  • Wacky’s accuracy becomes more centered (but not at 100%, because that’s Classic’s perk) to the player’s location when playing harder missions
  • Wacky’s shot speed increases (starting from 1 shot per 8 [3+5] max seconds to 1 shot per 5 [3+2] max seconds [tracking time + reload time])
  • Military’s grenade drop ratio grows (up to 8 at 100% difficulty) with mission’s difficulty
  • Also, Military - despite its variant name - doesn’t attack you directly; grenades are its only weapon
  • UCO-P and its variants cannot spawn in waves where enemies always move

Update #3:

  • Shield UCO-P - smaller, faster variant of UCO-P; doesn’t attack, but when it stops, it can activate the projectile absorbing shield (the look of it os based on Henhouse/Space Crab 2.0 area beam, but colored in red); orange & yellow colors for the main body with white lights
  • Mini UCO-P - the smallest & fastest variant of UCO-P; the chick for the pilot, black & brown colors for the main body with yellow lights; this is the only UCO-P variant to be contained in egg (yes, this is an exception in UCO-P variants, so what? at least it’s unique in its own way); doesn’t stop for attack; shoots 3 purple neutrons in [ /|\ ] pattern (just like Sarge Chicken in CI2 do); when defeated with glow drops only 2 keys; free of all restrictions but one: up to 10 of them per wave

Update #4

Tweaks to the newcomers:

  • Shield UCO-P deploys less chickens on defeat (3 random chickens or chicks) than the original counterpart (see the idea description). It also drops 2 to 3 keys when defeated with glowing effect.
  • Mini UCO-P deploys only chicks upon defeat (up to 3 random chicks)
  • Shield UCO-P’s beam shield absorbs player’s beam projectiles too

Are you planning to do more updates for this?

@minasam123 Maybe… Are you annoyed by these constant updates or assuming that I’m beating the dead horse or none of these both?


No i’m not annoyed by them

Ok then :slight_smile: Maybe I need some concept art for the UCO-P. This way I can show the actual look for my idea :confused:


I don’t know if I can do that on my own though. I have more important things to do becuase I’m in high school

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