Microgun Buff

The microgun is actually kinda the most useless satellite despite is the most espensive of them. (Unless you are playing in low difficulties)

What about increasing the damage from 300 to 500 or 600

i mean… almost 1K keys for a satellite that only deal 300 while others are more cheap and more useful?

Cheaper in Herowares

That thing need a Buff

Warning: Maybe too op when you got 4-5


Or maybe, the price could be lowered


Bird-flu gun is the best satellite in the game
Other satellites except the ICBM are piece of crap

Check dat bullet cleaner.

Well, I’d say that all satellites except bird-flu and barbequer are crap. ICBMs are just bird-flus that overkill stuff. Bird-flus are superior in every way, they are much more efficient in terms of ammo consumption. And barbequers provide protection from attacks for much longer compared to ICBM.


Or just increase the amount of ammo

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Well, as @anon27929001 said , out of 4 satellites available in CIU, 2 of them are pretty strong, and the other 2 are pretty useless when compared with them.

Bird-flus offer solid area-of-effect damage and have 15 bullets each. ICBMs are slightly stronger, but because of their very limited ammo count (only 3!) they can’t really compete with Bird-flus. ICBM’s ability to destroy projectiles doesn’t help either. Missiles are so slow, that using them for defensive purposes is so unreliable, that it’s simply not worth it. (Especially when BBQ satellite does that exceptionally well and is easy to use.)

So ICBM definitelly needs a buff, so it isn’t as outclassed by other satellites. I think it could be done this way:

  • ICBM’s ammo count increased from 3 to 5 missiles.
  • When fired, ICBM rapidly accelerates, so it hits enemies very quickly.

This way we can adress both ICBM’s problems. Increased ammo count will give it more damage to compete with Bird-Flus, and rapid acceleration should be enough to allow it to be used defensively. (To destroy incoming projectiles in tough situations.)

Microgun is another satellite that isn’t really useful when compared with competition. BBQ has an ability to reliably destroy enemy projectiles, is easy to aim with and deals quite a lot of damage on top of that. Microgun on the other hand is hard to aim with and unlike BBQ has no other utility such as destroying projectiles. Aside from slightly higher total damage output, Microgun’s only advantage over BBQ is lack of range limit. (Which isn’t that problematic for BBQ in most situations anyways.)

So just like ICBM, microgun deserves a buff. I believe it could be done this way:

  • Microgun’s ammo reserve increased from 125 to 250.

Microgun is a pure single-damage satellite with no other advantages, so allowing it to do more damage than other satellites, seems like a reasonable choice. With making it’s magazine twice as big, we won’t give it more DPS, but player will be able to use this satellite for twice as long, which should make it a reasonable choice for scenarios in which player needs increased damage for extended periods of time.


Beat you to it by 3 hours

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Well, if IA decides to implement that change, the you deserve the medal for it.

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Uh… not really. I was more in the mind of “hA! beat you to it!” more than anything else.

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Another thing to address is that the fact ICBM does very dramatic shake and very high chance to distract player, it should be reduced.

For everything else, I can’t agree more.

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Done. I wouldn’t say “rapidly”, though. The whole point of ICBM is strategic anticipation and foresight. Fire it off, then move to another area of the screen while it does its thing.

:medal_sports: Idea

Done. I’m wary of implementing a satellite upgrade system, though, since satellites are permanent. It would give too much of an advantage to spacecraft with more satellite slots.
:medal_sports: Idea

Changed in v.47
:medal_sports: Idea


What about the delay before it fires it’s like 0.45 second I suggest it would decreased or removed
Because it is what prevents me from buying the barbquer

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