Meteor mix

There are 4 types of meteor missions, classic, red asteroids, supernova, and comet.
I was thinking, why not make a mission with 40 waves (or any ) to make a mix of all of them in the same mission? so its basically classic, red classic, supernova, and comet, I guess the boss will be 40, every 10 waves there is one boss, first boss should be (Magnetic manipulator classic.) the second should be (Bossa nova) and the third should be (The comet boss) and then the final boss should be (Magnetic manipulator red version) This mission will be only on meteor planets or on supernova or comet ones (etc etc…) Seems like an interesting idea, not sure though, what do you guys think?


What if we have a wave that’s a mixture of all of the meteor missions? (Mixture of Meteors)


I know what do you mean with classic, but red and grey asteroids were added at the same time (in CI1 [Chicken Invaders (DX Version)]).

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