Is there a way to message/pm people in the game? If yes, then let me know! If not, then IA should consider adding it as it is an mmo.


Edit: Sorry if this is frequently asked. Just wanted to know

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Chat was declined because there is not much point in it as long as there is no co-op multiplayer, and even after that you would have an in-mission chat. More of that, handling chat comes with extra problems with server load and managing inappropriate texts. It just seem to be easier to use discord, Skype or any other chatting software which was made for this purpose.


Oh I see. So that means there’s no co-op? That’s a bit disappointing to hear but I guess it would still make a good game anyways :slight_smile:. Though is the idea of a co-op still on IA’s mind? Cause imo co-op should be a thing. The game is still amazing though!

Also how do squadron members communicate with the team if there is no chat?
(Never joined a squadron btw)

There’s no co-op yet, but I can’t be sure whether it’s gonna be added. I’ve heard rumors that it might but it might take a long time before it’s gonna be implemented. But I agree, some form for multiplayer should be added.
In my squadron (and related) we usually use Discord to communicate. It’s really great and useful for gamers, too.


Oh I see. Well I guess its nice to see at least a bit of reassurance. I personally use discord a lot but using a third party app for this is still not that great to be honest.


To be honest, at least a Squadron level of chat should be added as it makes it more convenient. Especially considering that the game is going to be added to Steam, there needs to be a lot of convenience or else review bombings are gonna happen. (no, this isn’t a threat. i’m just saying people that aren’t CI veterans can leave negative reviews because of lack of convenience and content)


Exactly. They should add a sqaudron chat or something

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