MeMeS HeRe!

Example: Early Access = EA

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Ah freak… Here we go again…

Why? We have a memes topic alrrady.


Look who’s Talking


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But both of them recently got closed, and the only one that was left is “Chicken Invaders Memes”, so that’s why he made it

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Yes,meaning that we already have one thread. I’m pretty sure that only ci-related memes are allowed on the forum,so this topic isn’t necessary.


We have to flag you?

uhm no

All hail Magnetic Manipulator!

Have you ever seen two droids in the same area?


In the same star system, yes, near echother, no. Where upon is thy burger trade station located?

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I,ve seen 3.

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Polixo system in Nereides constelation.

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