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Please add a media tab in the categories so we can see all the videos and pictures that have been posted here.


Perhaps… Media

Yeah, that could work

Well this guy is simply retarded. This is the first time when i heard someone who doesnt like the retro galaxy and the whole chapter. He even removed the awesome music(he called it:weird and silly which is dumb!) and replaced with some stupid music which doesnt fit the retro invaders at all! He also sing like a… No coment.

I agree that replacing the music was an awful idea. However,I agree that it’s one of the worse chapters. It just feels kinda boring to me…

:open_mouth: Wow. When i played for the first time it was highlights of my life. I cant enough from this chapter and wait for the retro missions so hard!

Maybe if they make them faster,I’d enjoy them,too.

Heeeeey, wait a minute I know this guy.