Many upgrade

Can you make game to play offline because maybe almost every time try to play game and when play seeing host error , try to recover .
One more idea : try to making avialable game up to format 4K .


there is going to be an offline mode, where you can play without the internet.
random levels and equipment to practice

There is???


Probably nyet

prbly, im confident at 95%.
that is if ciu releases and no offline mode is out i would probably quit ciu for good

May I ask you why you think so?


Hm? Why? Isn’t the online version the whole idea?

4k chickens

Offline freeroam mode that has a tiny universe in which you can edit missions (select waves you want, etc) and try anything from the store for free would be a cool idea.


I can read. There was no statement that offline mode is going to be added but there was enough messages about it NOT being added due to technical issues and much much more.


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