Make Planet is not hot and close to Sun make it Hot

Some Planets is close to sun and is not hot
Make planet close to sun do light sun on planet

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That’s not how it works.


Mercury is very close to the sun and it ain’t a lava planet.


Well you know, Mercury is closer to the Sun than Venus is but Venus is hotter than Mercury.


I know almost nothing about planets but it sounds a bit pointless that planets get hot near the sun.

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This has been suggested before, but IA says it don’t really matter in the game and this is not a space simulator. I myself want this opinion added in the game but I can’t get IA to add things that make it difficult for them.


Well, I don’t agree even that having always hot planets infront of stars is a good idea from the first place, Even if hot planets infront of stars were a thing in reality, We don’t need every environmental planet to exist in every star system just like EM, Frozen wastelands.


well to correct some information plants that are close to the sun is not always hot
irl example mercury
it depends on how big is the plant its environment and it’s core
and a lot more so no
this is not how it works
the same thing applies to freezing plants

wat what?

There are other reasons for planets to be hot than suns, which also provides some variety for terrain.

Also if we followed this idea, we’d have a trend of phoenixes:chillers ratio going linearly down as we go outwards from sun to planets. (At least that’s how I explore systems, but the point is it’s monotonous no matter how you go. Randomness is fun).

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