Make Consistency of Coward Chicken

Every chickens are locked to certain direction in each waves, and you know if Coward Chicken always shoots the same direction as its bottom. It means, if the chickens are designed to be facing the player, you will have really bad time (poop rain). While in some waves which they don’t face you, they will shoot to nowhere and don’t give any threat to the player.

So, I propose to make coward chicken have more “cowardice” attributes. They will always try to avert their head from the player, so the bottom will always face you (but I don’t think it should always precise at shooting, or it would be too predictable). It would give more consistency in shooting, and giving more challenge to the game.

The downſide of this is that it makes waves with many cowards butt-down a lot eaſier. I think it’s fine the way it is, eſpecially conſidering that 1) there are already ſeveral enemies that aim for the player, and 2) the cowards do tend to ſhoot ſlightly towards you, as they lean away from you.


I like that they are a challenge on harder missions when there’s more and they are more likely to shoot you, but nuisance to kill at easier ones because they move too much. And by nuisance I mean delightful because that adds variety to the levels XD

They aren’t as creative as other types of chickens and machinery but I like them for their simplicity yet different effect on the mission.
I don’t really get the point of toxic chicken.
I understand what it does but the way it has been distributed in missions adds no difference to how the mission plays out. Maybe I haven’t played too much of CI Universe tho since I’ve only played for few days now, so I haven’t encountered a mission where that chicken makes sense.

This post is based on wave “Marching on” and (sorry i forgot the name, CMIIW) “Swimming in Space?” because those chickens don’t face the player, Coward Chickens shoot to nowhere. They don’t even pose a threat unlike in other waves.

To make it not too precise at shooting (or it will be identical to ufo chicken) They could bend about 30° from the direction where you are. Thus, they will likely to shoot at you, but more only will surround you.

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Changed in v.30
:medal_sports: Idea

And, yes, this change will make some waves harder. But it was always the design intention of the coward to be harmless unless it is attacked.


Well… I’m going to die a lot, especially on pulsating grid wave.

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Imagine we will play those wave with the upcoming version 30 lol.

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Heavy poop rain intensifies

I’m gonna play more touhou to prepare for this change

I would like to see “sixth sense™” perishable which will show you hitboxes when you close enough to enemy.

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