M-404 PI Fighter Weapon Proposal & Level Premise


OK, InterAction, you’ve done plenty of references in the series, but I think if one of them was an unlockable weapon, that would take it to a higher step. Give a special homage to Star Fox’s iconic form of weaponry
This nifty little double laser only goes up to a third power level, so it would probably be an expensive unlockable for the amount of damage it could do.

I’ve also come up with a special play mode for play in the game. Tell me what you think of this premise.

You’ve crash-landed on a planet and have to initiate the ship’s auto-repair procedure, which takes time to be completed. And until it’s finished, you have to hold off the enemy forces who followed you to the planet surface.

Your only means of defense is the missile launcher and one weapon in your roster that you choose before the wave begins. The catch is, you can’t move, so you aim the ship with a cursor that aims in the general direction of the reticle provided.

Actually… What if this was the first ever level that we play when we start up the game?

And while I’m here, if loading times are a thing, can we have an interactive chicken-poking gag with the fork cursor?


I’m not sure what’s the point of having something so different from regular gameplay, especially if it were to be the first thing you’d experience.

Also, why would the Pulse Rifle only have three power levels? All weapons have atleast 12. Maybe atleast the other power levels could improve its firerate or something.


Well, that’s why I proposed that it be the most expensive weapon.


Think it’s a bit too simmilar to the Vulcan Chaingun/Boron Railgun/Hypergun, and those three weapons are already almost all the same thing. I like the level idea though.


The gameplay greatly reminds me of Island Wars, but somehow different from the essence of the main games.


it would have some benefits over some weapons because lets just say im fighting the henperors henprentice that lazer circle would be useless and if it had more damage than te laser cannon it should be removed or revamped