Losing before the mission officially starts

sometimes when I start mission, the game just blackout for a while then ended with this

this makes me really angry because I must wait for the next 12 hours or start with Unoriginality Penalty.

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This screen shows that you’ve played for 0:45 seconds, which is 0:36 seconds of net playing time in the first wave.

It could be some weird problem with your video card. When exactly does it black out? After clicking on “Fly mission”, do you:

  1. See the screen fade out?
  2. See the screen fade back in (in the mission proper)?
  3. See the mission codename displayed?
  4. See the first wave title displayed?
  5. Can you still hear sounds while the screen is black? If you fire your weapon, can you hear it?




Yes, the mail sounds but weapon sound is a no.

Sounds as good as dying to a random bullet in the very first wave with only 1 life.

This bug happens to me often, most cases are when I fly daily challenges, the thing is, even though I tried to end session, the screen was still … black.

I don’t understand. Can you hear your weapon firing or not?

Next time your screen goes black, press ESC. Does the screen re-appear?


I mean I can’t hear any weapons firing. However I can still hear the notifications sound.

Pressing ESC is no use.

Go to C:\ProgramData\InterAction studios\CIU\54 and edit the file CIU.cfg with your preferred text editor. What does the line bEmulateLocalhost say?

Also: How often does it happen? The next time it happens, immediately press Alt+F4 to close the game, and then send me C:\ProgramData\InterAction studios\CIU\54\CIU.log.


is it fine if bEmulateLocalhost=Yes

When you complete a task you will see that the screen will have a spiral effect but sometimes it will repeat 2-3 times before summing up the score (may be due to too fast clicking or other reason. )

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