Looking for squadron members (VN)

Hello everyone,
I’m looking for active members who want to join squadron. My aim is to create a place for newbies and to those who dont have squadron. If you want to join Please let me know your name and I will invite you asap. :laughing:
P/s: Ông nào muốn tham gia squadron thì để tên phía dưới nhé :smile:


me pls


I’m BlueGamingVN. Cho toi tham gia voi.

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NguyenTheTuongLam4 is my callsign.
Invite me.

add me pls : Mai Kiên


My call sign is my nickname on this forum: Takaguma
Add me pls :3
Nevermind i lost all my progress

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callsign:harakat add me to your squadron

I was Very late: iTzSonicCrazyExeYT

In game call sign: HaiAn2007

vietnam0506 tui nhá plz

xXmlgDiegoXx, add me

I’m sorry everyone, my squadron is full now :disappointed_relieved:


yes please :blush:

tui vs
tên: rinth

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Why do you need squadrons and how do you start one or add people? and how do you get enough keys to keep going? I was rather thrown by not being able to earn lives too. thanks for any help here.

mình nhé ,callsign: sagitt95

Tbh squadrons don’t have any importance in my opinion rn. They are just for fun, Only if you are a leader of a squadron and your members finished you assignments of any mission you play you will get some keys. (Correct me If I’m wrong).

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