Looking for active squadrons

My CIU career has usually been a burst of activity for a few weeks, followed by a long break for a few months until I “feel” the energy again. I have noticed that I’m currently one of the most active players in the world (although still far from that “most active recruit” medal), so it would be a waste if I don’t challenge myself into an active squadron that delivers many difficult missions daily (I think I can handle on average about 200-300 waves daily) and help someone else earn extra keys. I can handle all difficulties.

I don’t have CHL, and I will automatically leave the squadrons to leave the spots for someone else once I got bored of playing again.


Good job, pal!


Thanks, but can I have a squadron, then?

I invited you.

How difficult will the missions be in the squad?

Are you talking to me?

Yes .

Difficulty varies.

If it’s not a secret, up to what max. difficulties?

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Ok, thanks.


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