Little Boss Ideapack 2

Hi there! This is my second little boss idea pack!

If you not saw the firts, than check it. Little boss idea pack 1

Granny Chicken

Health: 170000


needle rain

cookie circle

If you shot the cookies you get crumbs what you can eat.

If the chicken lost her health 75% she can call two robot cats. The chicken use only the needle attack

The cats


Red eye: 40000
Blue eye: 37000


Red Eye


Blue eye

Little Forcefield ( similar as Giant Robotic Crab)

Throwing skeins

It is the defination of insanity

Health: 320000


Knife Throw

Bullet Storm

The defination of Insanity ( after loose 80% health)

Chicken Leaf Ninja

Health: 190000

Attack and jutsus

If this chicken attack he first prepare. Use one wing to form sign.

Fire Style: Fire annihilation

Madara jutsu smaller version

Water style: Water Army Water Demon Technique

If the chicken lost 45% health

Earth style: Stone skin

The chicken defense is increasing, but not invulnerable.

If the chicken lost 70% health

Magnet Ninja Art: Electromagnetic Vision

This jutsu confound the player control ( similar as the Henperor apprentice abiliti) + your weapon fire slower.


Looks cool but why chicken use cats?


grandmothers often have cats. Plus i think a good idea if the chicken have some allies ( another animals)

I know it, but chickens are birds, and cats are, you know, cats.

Yep I know

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