Limited Replies

How can new users get more replies? Do they need to be more active??

They need to gain some reputation by increasing their rank.

They should make high quality posts and useful replies instead of spamming topics and replies, they might get the rank but no one will like them and thuis boycott them.

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Actually, rank has nothing to do with the quality of your poſts, except inſofar as the flags you get.

@6eneral_Jamez9 Have you done the baſic and advanced uſer tutoriäls? I recall my limits beïng raiſed fairly quickly once I was a baſic uſer, but I don’t remember off the top of my head what’s required for that ranking. I don’t think it’s much, though.


This is my profile stats and badges. I just read lots of post and left replies to other post once in a while and got the trust level 3 badge that I appreciate but was not trying to get


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