Lights out bug

Theres a few ideas and bugs for new lights out game mode.

  1. When you play with poker and you are fighting with waves like ultimate square dance, everywhere gets light cause of chickens get damage. There should be a limit for that.
  2. Shyning things should have a small light too. Like keys should have a yellow small light. We cant see whats there. Just a yellow shy in black void. or in hemperors apprencite boss, red circle should have a light too. At least they are shyning.

Will add more when I notice

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Red asteroides should have light too. But small. They are burning at least…

I think I found an interesting way to give it a better effect: the farther away a pixel is from a player, the darker it is by applying a color multiplication (like putting a black pixel with certain alpha over it) which has been already done, but with a much smoother transition

like this
instead of this

…and applying a blur effect the farther something is away from the player. If possible, bright things could be excluded from the darkness effect so they only get blurred, resulting in an eerie “shine-thorugh” effect

(the yellow shine could be a key)

@InterAction_studios, I’d really like to hear your opinion about it!


Thats not about game mode but why upside down chickens drop eggs from their head. There should be a 360 degree turning animation for that.

or side turned chickens should have a 90 degree turning animation

It’s a good idea, but I’d rather not have blur, it looks bad