LIBMAKER and PCX2UVT don't work

LIBMAKER and PCX2UVT don’t work.

PCX2UVT error:
PCX that I used on PCX2UVT: tile
Edit: If someone doesn’t understand this, this programs belong to UVE32 (Ultra VGA Engine 32-bit), the only UVE that was released. You can download it as the shareware version (UVE140) and registered version (UVE140R) For more information about UVE32 visit For more information about UVE140R visit https://interaction– If you want to download UVE32 visit https://interaction– or

How do you run it?Because I’ve downloaded it and it seems interesting,but can’t run it.

You need a 16/32 bit computer. It also works on DOS-Box. To use LIBMAKER you need to do this: For example, if you want to combine files named cake.pcx and cake2.pcx do this: libmaker cake [cake2]
Official instructions:

LIBMAKER ©1996 InterAction software

No file(s) specified.

Usage: libmaker filepattern1 [filepattern2 […]]

Maybe I’m wrong and that’s why it doesn’t work. @InterAction_studios, please correct me if I’m wrong.

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It’s been so long I don’t really remember :thinking: . If memory serves you’ll need DOSBox and Turbo Pascal before you can do anything useful.

PCX2UVS and PCX2UVT convert .PCX files into sprite (.UVS) and tiles (.UVT). You can then use LIBMAKER to stick them all together in one big file.

Your PCXs need to be of a certain format, however. I believe only 320x200x256-color is supported.


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