Lets seattle this?

To be honest, this rarely might popup. Is that like a little joke, or was he meaning to say “settle this?” He said it fine earlier, but this time was a weird one. I thought I had a screenshot of it, but seems like it didn’t capture. :confused:

It is a joke.

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It is, but I’m not sure if it works very well.
Seattle is /siˈætəl/ while Settle is /'setəl/.

Same goes to “feline” puns.


That explains. Silly little joke, and it did pop up on the Egg City, so that’s probably why it popped up. Clever. Alright, thanks.

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…I’m missing what the relevance of Seattle is to, like, anything in Chicken Invaders, or why it would be a good pun.


Yeah, it doesn’t quite work.

I’ll replace it with something involving “New Yolk City” :thinking:


Oh, let it play before any egg-related bosses

It’s probably supposed to be seattle. Maybe

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