Legacy weapons on CIU

I would like to see the legacy weapons in CIU. Here is a list (I used the CI3’s vulcan chaingun’s gift for the vulcan chaingn in the episodes because the gift in CI4, CI5 and CIU is the same):

Ion Blaster (CI1) IonBlasterCI1GIFIonBlasterCI1
Ion Blaster (CI3 Flash) IonBlasterFlashSingle GIFTIonBlasterFlash
Neutron Gun (CI2)NeutronGunCI2Weak GIFTNeutronGunCI2
Laser Cannon (CI2) LaserCannonCI2Medium GIFTLaserCannonCI2
Vulcan Chaingun (Episodes) VulcanChaingunWeak GIFTVulcanChaingunCI3


idk if the 2 ion blasters and laser cannon will be in the game as they aren’t very different from their current versions nowadays

Ion blaster original & flash were already suggested an liked by IA

Neutron gun CI2 - I loved it in CI2 so… maybe.
Laser canon CI2 - I feel like it’s nearly just the same and I hated that weapon so… no.
Vulcan chaingun was reworked and it’s pretty good so… no

Well, I already suggested the two Ion Blasters to be added as an unlockable/modification.
CI2 Neutron Gun is pretty much pointless but I guess it could be implemented somehow.
CI2 Laser Cannon is pointless as well. Though I talked about increasing the Laser Cannon’s manual rate of fire to 8/s (and improving the overheat slightly) to make it a bit stronger.
Legacy Vulcan Chaingun should not be added in. Period.

So basically:

  • Yes, as a modification but not a separate weapon
  • Yes, as a modification but not a separate weapon
  • Maybe in some form?
  • Maybe in some form?
  • No.

i love this idea, update the textures but i dont see a need for the ion blasters since they are mostly a color change but i can see if there can be color variations. The laser and neutron from ci2 and original vulcan would be awesome to see come back, since laser & neutron are very different (laser shoots straight forward and neutron are more spread)

Well, they’d also have different patterns (most notably the Flash one, since it also has a triple projectile).
Here’s how it could look like:

As long as they’re not added as separate weapons, they’ll be fine.

Hmm… Just recolors Ion blaster to green and yellow

They should be mountables (or hardpoints, or something similar) that change that weapon during the mission (example: CI1 Ion Blaster changes the regular Ion Blaster to the original one), not fully separate weapons, but the idea nonetheless is okay in my opinion

i could see the ion blasters like the one guys idea ( @GgWw1175 ) but just make the two items together the box could be green and a yellow ribbon. max power could shoot three ions like the ci3 flash and change the color to yellow, kind if like what the positron stream does at max power.

You mean Photon Swarm?

yos it would be neat to see this come a reality