[Leaks] All name of Wormholes

The minimum is 40. It’s take a long time to reach tier 40 lul

I am tier 99 but still cant reach over 100(or its not posible?)


You can’t. When you get the message for tier 99,you’ll notice that it doesn’t tell you how much you need for the next tier.(while it does tell you that if you reach any tier other than tier 99)

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so I found 12 wormholes by my self :grinning::grinning: ooo I waste something like 4 hours :unamused: then the remaining 8 thanks to you @Space_Invaders 30 min… so thank you :+1::+1::+1::+1::+1:

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I’ve found 15 wormholes by myself before opening this, so thank you :grinning:


I Cannot BELIEVE IT! You Explored Every Constellation!!

It’s mainly time-consuming, because when you explore new systems and planets, you get bonus keys so you can keep buying fuel.

  • 27 keys for each new constellation
  • 9 keys for each new star system
  • 3 keys for each planet (except suns and regional shops)
  • 12 keys for each sun (including Sun and Binary Suns)
  • 100 keys for each wormhole.

Wormholes are the part that drain your keys and fuel the most.


I gotta say that photo is well customized.
Well done kid!

Where’s the equipment? After adding the contacts i didnt see it anymore.

Could you post the updated image?

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I approve the bump

I haven’t launched the game in a while, but the galaxy got partly regenarated right? So the map would not be up to date without new exploration. Or are they just moved?

They are just moved. I still can see the three wormholes I’ve explored.

What image you need ? All Wormholes before Regeneration


You wrote this:

Yes, I know.

Click the arrows to open images:

Top Left

Top Right

Bottom Left

Bottom Right

Behind the banner:

Hymenaios, Tyres and Astypalaea constellations (left to right)

Teucer (blue) and ???

I didn’t cover all star systems behind the banner but most of them should be there.


Thank you

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