League Experiment

I’m really curious as to what happens when a person loses enough dare points to go to zero. I volunteer myself to be a guinea pig here: dare me (callsign is the same as forum name). I will purposefully lose dares to see how far i can go.

So what are you waiting for? Spam me already.


The chatting place exists
also I can’t dare you even if I wanted to


He can, if you add him in your contact list.

then he can dare friendly and no losing scores

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Enhawk is asking that what will happen, if your dare point goes to zero.
You can dare your contact which has more 50 points than you, while he can’t dare the people under 50 points.

You can’t lose points on Friendly Matches, so if i send him some he can’t get to 0

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I meant real dare, not friendly match.
In other hand, it’s kinda impossible to get to zero, you’ll lose less points as your dare point decreases.

You can’t dare someone if the score distance is too high though

Unless he’s in your contact. You have more 50 dare points than me, but I’m able to dare you.

No you can’t, you can only send friendly matches, please go try it

Alright, let me take a screenshot.

Wait I get it; the score difference needed to dare someone is bigger than 50 now, that’s why.

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You can see the dare option is not gray (in the right). If you remove me from your contact, I won’t be able to dare, unless I have the requirement dare point.

But for example, DarkMore is on my contacts and I can’t dare him

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Sorry, forgot to say: Only the player who has less dare point can.

I’ve tried with my dummy account and it’s not true apparently:

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Wait, what?!
Does the requirement changed? Or what? :confused:

Anyway, if so, it’s impossible to get to zero.

Enhawk can dare nearby people and lose immediately and add those people to his contact list, when he wasn’t able to dare anyone, but remember:

Again, I want to see what happens if one goes 50 points below every player. A potential un-dareable person.

this experiment may need multiple participants because the difference between the dare scores must be under 50
so, if you want to dare enhawk multiple times, go lose your rating

theoretically impossible because someone can do the same and dare you