League bug?

an example

So I was accepting a dare, and then finished the mission (havent got out) but suddenly I lost connection. I went back to the league and I saw this

If someone also did this on purpose, then they would had know how the mission went, so shouldnt this be fixed?
As also in video: Chicken Invaders Universe 2021 11 23 22 57 05 - YouTube


Ok that just cursed.


cringe isnt it

Is not a dare.

No, I meant that this picture represents the same situation in the dare i have been at, like what I said

As expected. As soon as “Mission Complete!” is displayed, the mission is considered over and the result is recorded. It’s the same reason why you can press “Skip >>” and still see the mission results.


hmm…so is that a bug, @InterAction_studios ?

No, it’s not. The result is submitted immediately after the final wave is over (or when you lose your last life).

Yes, but I can also re-do that dare, and it seemed like it didnt affect my career

Actually, the server won’t allow you to do that.

Regardless, bug is confirmed. This happened because after being disconnected, you re-connected too quickly to another server (which hadn’t received your result yet). This will be tough to fix :frowning: – on the list.


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