Langugage Polish

Can the game appear in Polish?I’m from Poland.
Which country plays in the same language.

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Game languages, GUI, etc Basically they will add them when they have the time / Zrobią tłumaczenie kiedy będą mieli czas, na razie jest tylko na ich liście do zrobienia

I would add some languages too. I asked IA about this but they said they have already enough problems with english. Making more languages would ruin all system. So we should wait until IA announce us can translate game.

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What about if the community will make languages? This would speed up the process of globalizing the game.


I don’t think that’s how translations work. It would probably just take too much time to afford at this stage, and I also support community translations.

What it is (if I remember correctly) is that the Engliſh text is beïng changed all the time, ſo there’s no point tranſlating yet; it’d only make extra work whenever ſomething was changed.

thats what they said to me. That mess the systems.

we can help. We can help to translate our languages.