Know when gun's heat is low

Like a sound when gun’s heat is high, there should be a sound/signal that tell player their gun’s heat is low, so that player don’t have to look at heat meter. It can also be an option. It’s better if the threshold could be set by player (also is the high heat’s threshold).


Why would you give a player a warning when their heat is… low?


Is this the reason for the warning just because of a medal?


So they know it’s time to start firing again while still dodging the bullets. In intense waves on high difficulty there is no time to look at the heat meter.

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I don’t think it’s necessary, they could look for a fraction of a second and can still know how heated their weapon is.

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just QOL idea

But it’s already obvious when you look at the heat meter: darked color = low, bright color = high.
I don’t think we need sound to indicate that it’s low.

i said it

Then literally just holding LMB or whatever you use to shoot would automatically resume firing. For manual fire weapons you can just keep clicking.

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If this could be technically implemented, I’d be open to it as a mountable. At least in Early Access, so we can see if people consider it worth buying.

I don’t feel like it’s important enough to be a default feature, though.


I think this is how it should work: After the player got alerted for high heat,
(1) if they still firing and got overheat then heat’ll drop straight to zero then the game make the low heat sound.
(2) if they keep the heat meter (for example when they are using Vulcan) there will be no alert for that at all,
(3) in the final case, player stop firing and the game make the low heat sound to tell player Okay you can shoot again now.
So iA just need to put a timer after a given high heat alert, a threshold and an is_overheating to decide whether low heat sound should be pitched.

Which is why it’s good to have a rough ſenſe of the timing; an alert ſhouldn’t be needed.


This is just an insignificant interaction and player can totally ignore it. Now i really want to make a mod for this game.

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