Kinda vague weapon proposals


So I think I came up with 2 weapon types that we still don’t have in the game. Unfortunately, I couldn’t think of any original ideas so instead I decided to recreate 2 weapons which I think would fit into those 2 categories quite well. Both of them are weapons from the flash game Raze 2 by Sky9Games (

(and before you say: yes, I know those recreations are rubbish).

To anyone reading this thread: feel free to suggest your own concepts that could fit the criteria explained below.

  1. We already have a few weapons which fire a continuous beam (Lightning Fryer, Plasma Rifle and Positron Stream). However, they all have something else in common: they lock on to targets.

So I would like to propose adding one that doesn’t.

Yeah, that wasn’t really interesting, was it?

Focus Beam

This weapon fires a constant beam of energy, having a pretty low damage output which is counterbalanced by it’s accuracy, high ammo capacity and rate of fire.

Not much else to say, really.

:zap:0: 400 (20@20/s)
:zap:1: 600 (30@20/s)
:zap:2: 1200 (60@20/s)
:zap:3: 1800 (90@20/s)
:zap:4: 2400 (120@20/s)
:zap:5: 3000 (150@20/s)
:zap:6: 3600 (180@20/s)
:zap:7: 4200 (210@20/s)
:zap:8: 4800 (240@20/s)
:zap:9: 5400 (270@20/s)
:zap:10: 6000 (300@20/s)
:zap:20: 7000 (350@20/s)

It has a fixed fire rate of 20/s and an overheat rate of about 10s.

  1. I’d like to suggest adding some sort of a close-range weapon. With a limited range and/or increased damage at close distance. The closest thing we have to this is the Corn Shotgun, but its spread makes it fairly good at longer ranges too (we also have the Barbequer but that’s a satellite, so it doesn’t count).


This is a weapon in the shotgun category. It has a very limited range but it deals a good amount of damage. It also deals more damage the closer you are to your target (up to a x2 multiplier).

This is a recreation of the Raze 2 variant specifically.

I’ve separated the beams into a standard weak one (50 damage) and a focused, stronger one (150 damage).
The weapon has a fixed fire rate of 7/s.

The projectile consists of a jittering beam, which continues to spread out along with the distance until it reaches it’s maximum range. When a beam finds a target, it becomes more focused and doesn’t jitter as much. It also becomes thicker as the distance between the player and the target decreases.

:zap:0: 350 (50@7/s)
:zap:1: 700 (50x2@7/s)
:zap:2: 1050 (50x3@7/s)
:zap:3: 1400 (150+50@7/s)
:zap:4: 1750 (150+50x2@7/s)
:zap:5: 2100 (150+50x3@7/s)
:zap:6: 2800 (150x2+50x2@7/s)
:zap:7: 3850 (150x3+50x2@7/s)
:zap:8: 4200 (150x4@7/s)
:zap:9: 5950 (150x5+50x2@7/s)
:zap:10: 6300 (150x6@7/s)
:zap:20: 8750 (150x7+50x4@7/s)

Here are the damage values. A multiplier of up to x2 is applied depending on the distance between the player and the target.


The firſt is like exiſting weapons with an additional diſadvantage, and the ſecond is pretty much achievable with the lightning fryër fired manuälly.

I think there’s a reaſon why theſe don’t already exiſt.


Lock-on capabilities aren’t an advantage in every situation.

I gotta be honest, I’m not quite sure what you mean by this.

Yeah, I wouldn’t expect IA to just borderline steal ideas from other developers either.

In case it’s not quite clear enough: these are not my concepts and I didn’t put them in here to suggest that they should be added in this form. I simply added them to my post to give you a general idea of what I’m thinking about, as examples of what I think matches these two ideas.