Keys Farming

How can you guys have so much keys??
What the secret you guys have to farm those??
Tell me…

Supernova missions

LOL,I’m actually broke.

I play a lot of boss rushes, supernova missions, squawk blocks and comet chase missions, but I also try to collect as much food as I can to sell it.

Also, best tip is try to not rely on perishables and special weapons too much. Best way to hoard money is not spending it. And since medals award nothing at all, at the very end of the mission it can be cheaper to die than using a special weapon to avoid death (one life, 5 keys; one missile, 11 keys. Only phase-outs are on same price, costing 5 keys). That is, if you don’t have too much pride and you can complete the mission with the power lost, dismounted satellites, etc etc.

Bah.I just go everything unprepared.

Sorry because bump this but i think log on every day will help us has many keys

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