Key Rush

If there are weekly challenges of key Rush , that will be fine


No no and… nO


Sorry, i think that is a bad idea. Because If we let key rush as weekly challenge. Then we could farm key everyweek. and also can make the key rush mission less interesting, since key rush mission is used as a rare mission.

But nice try anyway.


i agree

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Hm, maybe they could have a very small chance to appear on one of the stages of the weekly


If ever that happen, it can be farmed many times on that week since you don’t get key multiplier penalty on playing such mission repeatedly.


In that case, it shouldn’t be added

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then why did you like the post?

And why do you care?

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I think this idea will be flagged soon (not really)

No, i don’t think it will be flagged. He is still new on this forum. So maybe flag is not a good idea.

This remind me of one of my first post (not really)

When i reply with just emoji. But i didn’t get flagged.

It’s not like you never do it yourself.
Besides, he might have liked it, but then changed his mind. Maybe this doesn’t happen to others, but I noticed that when I try to unlike a post, it just doesn’t let me, unless I unlike it right after liking it. It might also be what happened to Franci.


Yeah, I can’t remove it

You can remove it, but only at the beggining(the first couple of seconds after the like).


I agree, but I think a 1% chance of appearing is balanced, this is VERY IMPORTANT If IA add this

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