Key Rush - Small addition idea

Suggestion of tiny scale, related to one of currently existing mission types: Key Rush.
If you are unaware, the mode is about nothing more than a huge boost to key drop frequency along with only single playability of the mission, leaving it to the player as kind gift to put your hands onto.

Precisely, key opportunity on enemies to appear is heavily multiplied, plus you get a few extra keys each time wave has been cleared.

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What I thought could give it a nice extra touch is that whenever a wave comes to play with only enemies that cannot be targetted for dropping keys (such as Asteroids), game has premade variants for those waves on Key Rush, and those will get a bunch of enemies outstanding from the rest with key drop aura.

For example: on Asteroids through the wave duration one or two asteroids will fly through on much lower speed, giving attention to the player and time to be destroyed, dropping keys for exchange of doing so.

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All of this has absolutely no significant impact on the gameplay, but rather being just a pleasant aesthetic addition to this mode, giving the effect of even more diversity and effort put into the game overall. :slight_smile:


I haven’t found a single one of those missions, where can I even find them?

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They’re hard to find because there’s a very small amount of key rush missions in the entire galaxy. We’re talking about tens of thousands of other existing missions.

Explore a lot, basically. I have no locations but I guess you can try to find them yourself - it’s more rewarding this way. Your choice.

There’re 50 key rush missions.

50? Weren’t they 10 :thinking:

Well, I’ll just edit my post.

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Maybe this map could help you, if you really want to find them

If it’s only 50 in the entire “Universe”, I wonder if I will ever find one.

I’m just trying to clear every mission I come across, those who find a lot of these missions are just exploring until they find what they want, or just have a lot of time in their hands, both are not true for me.

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Thank you, I’m on the Maeon just now, so the Hippothöon must be the closest one, what is the difficulty you guys recommend playing this missions on?

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If you want a lot of keys, go for Superstar Hero
If you think it’s too hard, go for Tourist or Rookie

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