Key Rush and Wormhole insights

I thought of this while debating about Key Rush, and someone else mentioning exploration rework as well, so I want to type out some more specifics about them because they deserve separate recognition.

  1. Key Rush Insight
  • When choosing Key Rush insight in galaxy exploration info, show (mark) all constellations that have at least one Key Rush mission.
  • Usefulness: Make hunting Key Rush less of a chore by narrowing down to a constellation.
  • Duration: 1 day
  • Cost: should be expensive because it reduces a huge part of hard work and exploring, even if it’s just one day. It should cost around the same amount that one would get when playing a 50-wave Key Rush mission on Superstar Hero.
  1. Wormhole Insight
  • Passive effect that allows you to enter wormholes and exit wormholes even if you haven’t explored them yet.
    • You still need the permanent Gravity Nullifier and Event Horizon Stablizer.
    • You cannot get credit for new wormholes explored while this insight is active.
    • You cannot buy an extra Wormhole Insight to extend the Wormhole Insight while it is active. This restriction prevents players that haven’t got their 100% exploration medal from spamming 365 days of these and is prohibited from that medal for the whole year (or more).
    • You can no longer buy this after you have got 100% galaxy exploration.
  • Usefulness: Make galaxy traveling a lot easier through wormholes even if you haven’t explored all wormholes (wormholes are really hard to find on your own), which helps the insight above.
  • Duration: 1 day
  • Cost: I’ll leave that to you. I haven’t calculated the fuel I spent sadly. But it should be a lot more expensive than the insights we currently have.

EDIT: MAJOR PROBLEM! Debating with myself: Wouldn’t that automatically reveal ALL wormholes? Wormhole insight is not a good idea, can anyone else think of something better?


I think that Wormhole insights should be costs 900-1100 Keys .

first idea is generally gud, while second idea is kinda bad-thought.

instead of wormhole insight, maybe think of a mision finder, which would find missions of a selected type.(no key rush) or smth like that idk

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Could be abused to find wormholes or droids.

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Then why not wormhole finder. Here is the thing. You buy it for the price of 100 keys for 1 day (exploring a wormhole gives you 100 keys so you need to travel a lot to utilize this) and after you buy it, you can turn it on in the menu and it will show you how close you are to the nearest wormhole via an arrow. For example, it points at the West of the screen with 200 parsecs on it

nice idea,i hope IA will add key rush and wormhole insights

Sorry but hell no

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