Key Drop for Asteroids and Satellite Box Containers

Just like how the key drop for the Bonus Challenge wave was embedded/implemented starting at Version 50 (idea of @Fractorial), I suggest @InterAction_studios would also do the same for Asteroids and Satellite “Safe Box” Containers.

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I suggested it to make more sense of the Bonus Challenge. Without it, it’s just an Asteroid wave with a guaranteed coin drop, imo.

Alternatively, Meteor/Comet/Supernova missions give keys after the end of each wave. Satellite containers already give satellites.


Speaking of which, the appearance rate of those keys is just too low. Most of the time,
it’s like as if there’s been no change made to them, and only very occasionally do they show up. Can they get a spawnrate buff to the point where there’s a 50/50 chance of them showing up in a bonus mission?

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I once got a key on Bonus Challenge. No footage tho.

Unfortunately the spawnrate can’t be controlled per-wave. I predicted this back even before it was added:


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