Key Balance question

As I can see on every mission, there is a base 300% multiplier to keys. Is it permament, or is it only on now to speed up our progress? If it is temporary, perishables should probably cost less later.

The base multiplier can (and will) vary as we tweak the balance, but it’s not going away entirely.

After the first week, we’ll collate mission reports to see typically how fast players collect keys (without any multiplier). We can then tweak the base multiplier as well as equipment cost to keep prices fair and reasonable.

Alright, sounds good. I want to say though, that right now, buying larger fuel packs costs more when not at a fuel depot. Atleast make them cost 20 and 200, because you could just buy 10 2 key packs and get the same amount as 1 21 key pack

Wait, there was an update to increase key quantity? How do I obtain the keys? Just through standard missions?


Well, to be honest and as it stands right now, keys are a lacking ware. I immediately noticed that because you are also supposed to pay for consumables and items that deteriorate over time, saving up for new equipment and new ships becomes in it’s own way difficult if you want to keep yourself relevant and powerful in a game. I am already making a video about this (a feedback and idea video) but I like to say it here, make the first completion of a mission reward you with a solid amount of keys. Not only would that encourage the exploring of the system, but also make people travel from mission to mission in order to gain the most out of their adventure.

I definetly agree that there should be a first clear bonus. Perhaps also for getting each medal on a mission? (Also could be made to be acquiarable only once)

Having a first-clear bonus and a mastery bonus sure would be awesome. Right now obtaining medals or doing really great in a mission is relatively lackluster in terms of rewards. It in fact discourages me to actually do good in a mission. I would go for this:

First completion reward depending on difficulty/duration: 10 - 200 keys (200 keys for max duration and max difficulty, 10 for least difficulty and least duration); Each medal should give 1 - 3 keys depending on their difficulty to get, getting all medals should reward you with bonus keys, getting all medals in a single run (perfectionist run) should also give you extra keys/score.

It’s just my idea, but as I said, keys are a very lacking ware right now.


I’d also like to address that exchanging food for keys is rather meh right now. I’ve been playing for a few hours, managed to accumulate about 8k food units. And exchanged them for 200 keys…

Also, maybe we should get some sort of a daily win bonus?

Basically, in ShellShock Live after winning a match you can access the daily win bonus, which in this game was implemented in the form of a spin wheel:

(Here’s a picture of me getting screwed over by the RNG)

It’s not much, but at least it’s something.


All I’d like to add to the all medal bonus is, that in most missions, there are no coins to collect so you can’t get that one medal, so they should be checked if they contain coin waves.

There is a daily bonus.

Hmm, I must’ve not noticed it.

The first-clear bonus is a nice idea. As @Sammarald mentioned, you get a small bonus for logging in daily. There’s also currently a penalty for playing the same mission repeatedly, but that fades out over the course of 24 hours.


What about also adding a penalty for playing a single mission or wave for too long? It’s currently possible to grind keys if the player waits long enough and the game does not punish the player for that.

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How exactly does one exchange food for keys? I’ve yet to figure that out.

You can sell food at Space Burger.

Oh, that was another thing. In the galaxy view there’s a button on the left hand ſide that (I think) allows ſelection of which items are ſhown. This is the bottom in the row. However, I haven’t gotten it to work, by which I mean that I click the Space Burger button on the right hand ſide, but nothing changes.

That is true, I can only get the “Names” and “Explored” tabs to work.

Those options will place tickmarks over all explored Space Burgers (assuming you’ve explored them, i.e. entered orbit). You might need to zoom out your galaxy view in order to see any of them

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So I’ll ask. How do insights work? If they do at all right now. I’m guessing they are suppossed to show global price fluctuations. I bought the key insight, hoping I’d get a bonus, but right now I think I just got a useless item. : /

Bring up your galaxy map legend and select “Score/Price/Key insight”. At every Fortune teller tent you’ve explored (entered orbit), you’ll get an icon showing the payoff around that area.

Prices don’t work yet, but score and keys do. They control the “Location fluctuation” entry in the mission debriefing screen.