Karate Chick Sound and angry red chick

when you hit the “Karate” chick, his voice may be change to many voices levels


because when you still hear one voice lot of times will that made you bored of “ONE” Voice

and also, that angry red chick


Basically a slight pitch alteration each time you hit an assassin chick. Quality-of-life change and I don’t see why IA wouldn’t add that.

That seems like just a too much of a tiny thing for alot of players to notice, so i don’t think IA will really make it so those chicks have differently pitched voices

It already exists though, when you kill chickens their clucks are pitched differently, and there are many variations of clucking sounds, so I don’t see why IA wouldn’t add some variety.

I agree with this idea as well. they make only 1 voice when getting hit.

Fixed in v.44 :medal_sports: Bug


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