[Joke topic] EA's involvement in Chicken invaders


Sorry, but that old topic bumping feature REALLY annoys me when it comes to topics being old. :rage:


What…? You mean the “1 month later” thing? Even if that wasn’t here,a bump is a bump.


Who cares, that’s even not too big of a problem unless EA really took over iA and the Chicken Invaders franchise.


“Who cares”? You’re bringing back topics which everyone lost interest in to the top. It wastes space on the forum. Yes,some of us do care.


Okay, let’s stop arguing, arguments do annoy me so much. :frowning_face:


It is nice to see our small part of community still beeing active here, jeeez remember when this topic used to be a big deal? Those were the days :slight_smile: Amyways we lost the Chicken invaders licence amd we can’t develop the game further untill we buy it back.


Please just don’t take over iA. :triumph:


dude it’s just a joke lmao, plus you bumped the topic and uhhhhhhhhh it was funny to some people lmao


Battlefield 5 sucks
i saw alot of reviews that included some disappointments about this game
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You stole my idea. Go [and press] F [for] yourself


What idea? I literally have no idea who you are.




That doesn’t count. EA’s post was made much earlier.


Are you trying to say that you don’t know that EA has access to secret time travel technology?


Please sir check the dates, looks like you stole from us! (Jk)


I like your bugs with Apex i got free coin without donate


Pls don’t do that i hope it’s a joke because i don’t want to pay for dlcs


I have a one thing to say it will be cool everything in 3D but do you have to place dlcs some people doesn’t have money why can’t be everything free


Yeah,clearly they’re being 100% serious. It doesn’t even say at the end of their post that you shouldn’t take it seriously,or anything


Well i wish is joke and this post was since january 17 so maybe it’s a joke who knows but this is fake account why would EA work with Chicken Invaders franchise