[Joke topic] EA's involvement in Chicken invaders


Oh we are finally back on track again!
Since we got a lot of support from you guys, we decided to show you the next expansion pack (29.99$) for CI EA - Universe. “Planetary explorers” features exploring deeper into the cores of the planets in the Greedy way galaxy, We introduced sky, underwater, caves, sun, and…top secret planetary mission type. The way we did is that we introduced multi-layered backgrounds with procedurally generated background objects such as clouds, in the sky, coral and sea grass in the water, crystals and rocks in caves, lava and fireballs in the suns, so each time you explore one of these type of missions, they will be completely different. The sky missions also include night time, sunset, day and storm sub-types, underwater includes deep ocean, typical underwater and surface. We had to make new waves to fit these mission types, all of the bosses except The Egg cannon, Henterprise and The Yolk star can appear on these levels.
Here are totally legit screenshots from the game. Enjoy, and as always, let the greed be with you!


I understand that this is a joke. Sorry EA


I think thats really good. Without pricing that sounds perfect.


What? without pricing? FREE? We don’t know what that means. Sorry.


No, you are making demo games EA. Dont lie to me.


We always deliver high quality products without any bugs, what are you talking about? Have you tried Battlefield 5?


What kind of demo games did they make?


Wow! This is beautiful!


Did we mention that you also have to pay 4.99$ each time you enter this type of mission? Well now you know. :slight_smile:


EA why are you removing games from steam and putting them on Origin? Are you that greedy?


this is a joke


Because Origin is our platform and we can do whatever we want there.


It’s not a joke. :wink:


i like this levels lol


We know, we also like creating unfinished games and add paid content which was supposed to be in the main game.


What a great troll post electronic a-holes


We are glad you like our company and high quality content.


this is awesome


You ruined PvZ 2, and now you want to ruin this? :frowning_face:
(Don’t reply to this post, i did get the joke but IT’S NOT funny)


You really had to bump this?