[Joke topic] EA's involvement in Chicken invaders


I can’t imagine this version of the game not playable on my PC, and even on my smartphone.

Still 2/2.5D>3D Chicken Invaders.


You’ll have to buy them again. :blush::blush::blush:


It will be optimized well don’t worry, oh yeah no android or ios version, we had a fight with them and decided to cancel the development on those systems.


Is this a hoax?


Please read.


lol xd


I was confused, but i wasn’t being hateful.


but if EA did buy it I would be cool with that


My God (._.)


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Y’all can’t take a joke.


There’s a difference between taking a joke and taking a joke too far.


I flagged this. And I told them to terminate you guys.


We are taking the joke even further by showing you the whole Greedy way galaxy. Enjoy the beautiful view!

You can’t flag us or ban for no reason, there is nothing offensive here, we fully respect and support iA and their awesome work.


Yes, for all of us. If this game was owned by EA, I would quit this forum and never come back unless iA takes action.


This joke is NOT funny.


Please speak for yoursef… and other 2 who don’t understand, most of users are enjoying it and supporting us. Peace.




Last time I checked there wasn’t a “no shitposting” rule on this forum.

Also, why would iA terminate this account? The owner isn’t breaking the rules or doing anything wrong.


Y’all got whooshed this post is a joke.

Also there’s nothing wrong with this post as long as it doesn’t break the rules. It’s in Off-topic anyway.