[Joke topic] EA's involvement in Chicken invaders


You will probably not be recieving big updates very often like before when they were adding CI3 stuff, that was just porting and retexturing old already coded stuff, now it will take them longer to release big features because they’re beeing worked on from scratch.


Road to 1500th reply i guess


The big thing was help text.


Yeah, it made me laugh. Maybe they translated it to 300 languages.


Ey EA!
I have a surprise for you! :smiley:



Your editing skills need an upgrade. Learn how to use Photoshop CS6 — the easiest verison without any problems on my opinion.


You do realise that he didn’t make this picture, right?


Your editing skills are way beyond horrible. :slight_smile:


He’s just a 7yr old kid,Photoshop can be difficult to learn, there are easier programs for him like Paint and stuff.


“Paint .NET” then. Microsoft’s paint is terrible.


you need to stop.


GgWw’s right, i didn’t make this pic. :imp:


Not if you have enough skill and way too much time on your hands:


Why is everyone mad that the quick edit isn’t professionaly made with extreme skill and best effects?


I saw this video before. Anyway, it’s much easier to draw using something else.


Microsoft’s Paint is crap, who’d even want to use that? Lol




And it looks like AngryKiddo went offline…


Thank god.


Add this sounds on Frozen Wasteland planets. It fits perfectly, but it will be unlocked for 9.99$ on each frozen planet.