[Joke topic] EA's involvement in Chicken invaders


There is a pretty high chance you’ll get nothing :slight_smile: but shhhh.


[Origin Guard says: “This transaction is completely safe and secured by Origin Protect. The user has offered an addditional $100 to the offer, which you will recieve upon completing the transaction.”]

Origin Guard’s items: [1] Absolutely Nothing

Your items: [10000] coins



I heard that! :pouting_cat:


Umm, what?


Please accept my offer no scam
I am generosity
Absolutely Notting item is hold for money
You are have many coins
I trade


You want to pay us for nothing? Go ahead :slight_smile:


Tip: A company shouldn’t make things cost expensive, unless it’s a hard work. Fake hard work, and nobody will pay for it.


We got offended by your comments about our work and company and decided to take actions agaist you, your Origin account has been perma-banned, and each game you buy from us will now cost you double the price.


Nah, i don’t even care, since i don’t have an Origin account at the moment. :smirk:

Also, you’re still fake, so perma-banning users and making them double pay will have no effect, since you’re fake and that’s the intention.
And, finally, stop taking unoffensive comments to you as offensive, that’s too nonsensial and frankly it’s none of your business. :expressionless:

also don’t get me suspended like last time you faker.


Wait. You are making a joke by being rational about a parody EA account making a joke that he will ban you for the 20th time?


This comment wasn’t a joke at all.


You’ll get suspended… goodbye kiddo.


gives ban hammer to EA


this is so beautiful I wanna cry aaaa


I’ll just call you Bankrupt Arts. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


And we’ll call you angrykiddo who got suspended 20 times already and is still waiting to get banned outta here. :slight_smile:


Glad you like our hard work customer!


if you don’t like this topic, then why not mute it then?


Because he is jealous of something.


if he’s jealous, then shouldn’t he mute it then?