[Joke topic] EA's involvement in Chicken invaders


Can you leave? Mute this topic and chat somewhere else. Or play Battlefield V: Firestorm.
Who changed the title of this topic?


The only one who can is IA, and I’m glad he did.


Yeah but still some people are too… well… complicated.


And others are too ſimple. But I ſtill agree that “joke” needed to be in the title.


Dont be toxic! We will release new skins wich are legendary.


I don’t care about your skins, you are one worthless company with 0 knowledge in programming that’s why your games are dead.


iA did change it. Also, that’s a bit of rude when you ask me to leave.


Well you hate this topic, that’s why we said you should leave it. We have nothing against if you stay.


I really hate it, but i would like to stick around to see your unlikable changes.


Alright then, stick around and stay tuned for more unlikable changes. :slight_smile:


Gimme my unlikable changes :pray:


Congratulation, 1st topic in the forum to gain 1000 replies


It looks like you don’t know what “unlikable changes” means.


Yes you are definitely right, please explain us what does that mean. :slight_smile:


Simple: When i say that, i mean nobody likes your changes when it comes to them being bad.


We know that some of you hate the changes, but we don’t care becauseof our greed and we’re gonna making thrm until we make millions of dollars from this franchise. :slight_smile:


I actually enjoy seeing these “features” just for sarcasm. I knew all these are fake since my first sight, but I still regularly check this post to compare the real CIU with some other games.


Exactly. It’s all pure sarcasm.




(Joke) NO! :pouting_cat: