[Joke topic] EA's involvement in Chicken invaders


Because it was just for april fools. All april fools topics got archived._



Then we are safe! Road to 2k I guess. Let our story continue.


This is a remastered and way better version of Master Squawker, he’s no longer stuck moving left and right, now he’s much more dangerous!


But you can fly up tho


He follows you and shoots in your direction always. That’s why it’s improved.


I mean are you removing him from sqawk block?


Yes, he’s now normal boss, squawk block missions are removed from the game.


are you gonna show us some new, better than diamond, lootcrates?


and why the freak is that? he’s supposed to be a mission-exclusive boss, and i said i don’t wan’t to be rude, but i strictly disagree about you buying iA. :expressionless:


We already bought them. We don’t want to be rude but the boss had huge potential than just beeing mission exclusive boss so we remastered him and added him as a regular boss, squawk block missions were boring anyway, nobody would play them.


There is no new lotteggs… yet?


The war is coming


I pmed him about this but he just flagged me. Lets see when he will get banned.


Are you ſure you’re replyïng to the right thing? This poſt ſeems to have little to do with the topic.


The Master Squaker in CIU is very weak. I dont complaint about the game mode, but MS deserves more than 2 lasers.


It has 3 :slight_smile: , the squawk block missions will be maybe added as a part of an paid DLC.


This is actually a joke, i get it, you didn’t buy iA anyways, and this joke topic has gone low on funniness.
And for the Squawk Block missions, they weren’t boring, you’re just saying nobody likes them. Did you even play CIU to say that? :confused:


Also, iA put a hint on this topic to alert you that isn’t real, but this joke is entirely super cringey and i didn’t even like it.


Cough the topic or you cough…