[Joke topic] EA's involvement in Chicken invaders


oh wow that was unexpectable


That’s also right my boi.




We already own them. It’s real.


No, it’s not.


I was kidding.


Please just shut out this thread. EA is worst company and it’s not letting Iran players to play EA’s Apex legends just because of sanctions. I mean you are only a game company what is your connection with sanctions???


Before closing this thread, it should reach 1000 posts first :wink:


7- err, 8 more, and i’m done with this MADNESS.


You should know that this topic is NOT gonna get closed.


#Let_Iranians_Play_Apex EA


What are you talking about? Play Battlefield new battle royale mode.


Battlefield is not available for Iran too, because of the sanctions that are not related to EA though


Blurbing around


And I’m the one making this thread 1000 posts
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No, let other people do that.


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Better luck next time :wink: You will be 10000th maybe?


InterAction was pretty quick in locking PewDiePie s topic, I think we are next, be prepared rEAcruits!