[Joke topic] EA's involvement in Chicken invaders


EA Invaders: Ruin The Game


Stop insulting us.


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Well tbh there is nothing mean, offensive or inappropriate in their posts.


He just try to annoy some people and make jokes like me. But for me this isnt funny at all.


Enjoy beautiful views of “The Greedy way” galaxy you’ll be exploring in our new Chicken invaders Universe - EA edition, we made it 3d so every star you see on the screen is possible to explore in the premium edition. (we would never annoy or insult anyone here, we’re just having fun, relax <3)


This is not good actually! :frowning:


So EA if you buy the Interaction Studios, will their other games be on different platforms like Xbox One, Playstation 4 and Nintendo Switch?
Will the games still be on steam?
Will the games be on origin?
will the older games get updated or fixed for modern systems?


it looks like this game from 2009 or 2007 and no 3D!


ever since 3 the games looked the same and that came out in 06


Inter Electronic Artful Action


???!!! LOL what is this?


I don’t see it as much as a bad thing?


I think this is Chicken Invaders Universe: EA Edition right?


This topic needs to be closed forever.


No (CI games will be removed from Steam and moved to Origin


huh what are you talking about?


We’re using iA’s sprites and turning them in 3D with higher quality, then importing them in our powerful “Super chick engine”.


Is there is another Early Access?


what will happen to the games i own steam then, would i have to contact someone at ea for a key or something when the game is up on origin?