[Joke topic] EA's involvement in Chicken invaders


Welcome back. Cauſe no more trouble, and you’ll hear no more about it!


Do no trouble, and no troubles will happen to you.


Okay, but remove that “yeah he deserved it” post.


Welcome back customer! Glad you decided to change your behavior. :slight_smile:


Still, i don’t want to be rude to you, but this is still a joke topic, and it was fun anyway. The only disadvantage in that is that it caused some users to become company accounts, other than you.


It’s not our fault that some users copy our uniqueness.


It’s a half your fault, but the real thing that caused this is the topic, not you.
Oh, and remove your replies where you called me AngryKiddo.


Greetings rEAcruits! Today we’re showing you a new lootcrate system in CI Ea-Universe! We decided to make them in form of Egg chests filled with goodies. We can’t wait till you start spending money on these! :wink:


It looks good.
Also, what comes after gold is platinum which comes before diamond.
But still, i disagree with your decision to buy CI, albeit without being rude.



That was very rude from your side! How dare you steal our hard work! And you even made it FREE?!


Lemme tell you something; Make the paid things be from your hard work. If you made a really short work, then make it for free. Again, i’m not trying to be rude.


Stop being rude. :frowning:


suggestion: make a wooden egg which is free and only gives us “absolutely nothing”


I bought Diamond egg.
I tried 10.
And I got 4 legendary item!


NOTHING IS FOR FREE? What’s wrong with everyone? Yall want everything to be free.


Everything is our hard work! There is no “short work”.


Try some League of Legends :wink: You will be feel better.


Head over to Need For Speed™ franchise you’ll feel better.


Dont be toxic guys. Soon we will change the system and everyone will be positive :slight_smile: