[Joke topic] EA's involvement in Chicken invaders


He said that several times already,and still came back…


fun fact: this was like the 10th time he said things along these lines


Notsofunny fact: He will back again.


suggestion: Pretend to be like he isn’t here when he returns


And you apparently have literally no clue how to uſe the word “literally”.

What am I ſuppoſed to reply here? I mean, patience helps…
Juſt don’t complain about him all the time; forgive him for what he’s done in the paſt. If he comes back and repeats his miſtakes, we can deal with it then. If not, there’s no problem.


Even if he leave, i dont see a loss for the forum. He is usseles user who only create scandals.


Alright guys, I think we should stop talking about him. Let’s just enjoy the fun.


Yeah, let’s forget about him


Yeah no need to bring the angrykiddo incident up again, let’s just patiently wait till 1000 replies! :slight_smile:


We will buy this little game and release new skins for it :slight_smile:


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Rito pls


You? Another fallen bankrupt company spotted.


Hey Pewds sorry for your loss against T-g*y. :frowning:


Nope it’s okay…
Didn’t you see my “Congratulations” video?
Anyways keep subscribing to Pewdz


Is this the riot that plays gd?

we shall never know


I think this company make the word ‘‘Riot’’ famous.


Well… if you say so…


I mean in nowadays


Am i the only one who thinks that i’m going to faint?
Also, to everyone, including EA and Riot, it’s really hard to keep promises. That’s why my attitude didn’t change.
Also, apologizes for my insultful replies and to whoever flagged them.