[Joke topic] EA's involvement in Chicken invaders


He meant many games of your are free(PvZ2 for example) but the stuffs in the store and the DLCs are just expensive af

Also, this is really accurated


(there should be a big annoying baldi picture)


Yeah… we care only about Origin PAID games not those free nobody likes…


IA invades EA
How 'bout that?


We clearly won.


By amount of money, yes.


Yes indeed. You won by a couple… estimates Million bucks i guess…


Glad you think that customers!


Do you guys will keep spamming or going back to sending ingame photos.


What spamming? Do you think we are souless machines endlessly working? We need to have conversation sometimes with our customers.


You know, tell them they’re wrong and ſtuff.


this thread is epic


yes it is. especially when superkiddo is not here


Oh, come on. Sure he was annoying, but that’s no reaſon to keep bringing it up at every opportunity. We all have things we wiſh we hadn’t done, and we could all do with another chance. Give him that.


sure buddy. i didn’t mean to throw hate at him.


another chance? we literally told him to stop 100000 times and he ruined this topic on purpose, how the hell can we give him another chance?


He just push reply number to 1000


but he left the forum sadly and perhaps might not return


He didn’t say that. He simply got suspended until April 1st. He could definitely come back then.


but look at this