[Joke topic] EA's involvement in Chicken invaders


Joke or not, that is actually supportable! Good luck!:grinning:


Since we got a lot of support from you guys, we decided to share with you some important news regarding the spaceship customization. The picture from yesterday was a pre-alpha stage, now we’re happy to announce that it has since been drastically improved and it reached it’s final state. We present you the "Spaceship builder"It’s built in tool replacing the old spaceship customization with various new features including building your own spacecraft from scratch! You got some presets to manipulate in any way you want and colorize them, you can place bases, weapon pods, engines, engine exhaust flames, wings and decorations! See picture below.

The new coloring system stayed the same almost, but it received a small redesign too.

And for the first time ever! We’re introducing paint mode! Built just for you creative recruits to customize you ride even further! Paint your spacecraft with various different brushes and stickers how much you want!

We did a great job here at EA with full support from @InterAction_studios.
This tool will be built into premium edition of the game and will be FREE, because people complain that we are greedy. (Sorry @Traveller no rectangular color wheel…yet)


Damn it. EA will destroy this game


Are you being sarcastic?


@InterAction_studios , take notes.
But do it for free.


No. But it is real or just a joke ?

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Glad you like our work
(For those 2-3 users flagging our posts on purpose just to get rid of us, that’s not what the flags are used for, we mean no harm and are always improving). :heart:


Keep up the great work EA! You may be ruining everything you touch but it looks like you are happy with your work, so who are we to judge… :smile:


I can’t believe EA is finally ecknowledging and improving on Spore’s editor! It’s a time to be alive! Perhaps you could make specific parts each for keys? And I mean part packs, you get a certain amount of certain parts! That way you can give players the sense of pride and accomplishment!


Yes, Spore (the game which we destroyed completly) was our inspiration for this, what if we make each part purchasable for 1.99$? Would that be reasonable for you?


Hmmm… I mean I’d rather have 5x part boxes for $9.99 , but this is always an option.


We see that you like spending money on our unfinished and rushed products, don’t worry you’ll be spending at least 59.99$ just for the game to be playable.


I’m glad we have a company like you to take all our moneys :3


Umm… that’s the total you need to pay for everything in the base game. Don’t get the game and full game mixed up!


The base game is free but you don’t get the spaceship builder, full galaxy, full shop, all bosses and enemies. What you get are 3 weapons, 5 planets to explore, low ammo and energy bar. You must purchase the premium edition for 59.99$ to get everything except full galaxy which is a DLC for itself, and you must purchase weapons DLC to get every weapon.


Even this is a joke, the images this guy design are all pretty good though, nice work


It is


Why was this unlocked?
This joke is so sophisticated it’s not even funny.