[Joke topic] EA's involvement in Chicken invaders


Yeah. I realized that. He’s just trying to get attention. And I see that he’s getting more hate than actual attention lmao


The whole point of this topic WAS to mock EA, and it managed to get some people mad and now they hate EA even more :rofl::rofl::rofl:. Those who get the joke would immediately see that it’s fake, just look at the tweaks, do you really think someone would actually do this? Even real EA wouldn’t fall that low.


What Everyone Wanted. EA Universe.


Well EA is trying to assassinate another franchise…


EA Can You Also Make Players Pay Money To Travel Between Star Systems/Planets? that would be cool.


We actually thought about this, but as we made some users insanely mad, we decided to allow you to explore up to 5 star systems in a base game.


Haha very funny, greetings you managed to raise my nerves. The reason i’m nervous is that bad things are happening to me lately, and that made me even more nervous. The jokes like this are not funny at all.


Dude Calm Down It’s Just A Joke :weary:


You and everyone else who didn’t get the joke, the point is to make fun of EA, you can clearly tell from posts we’ve made, everything is sarcastic.
Anyways we hope you feel better soon! :wink:.


I didnt need much sarcasm to explode. Especially when I’m not mentally stable at a particular moment.


Play some Battlefield 5. :wink:


Yeah. Play Some Battlefield 5. then you can enjoy the new and improved EA Chicken Invaders Universe.


With countless of pointless and overpriced DLCs we’ll soon be releasing.


This actually looks great :smiley: but don’t put it behind a paywall please :stuck_out_tongue:

@InterAction_studios, what about a color wheel for paintjobs?


I prefer a colour rectangle, to be honeſt.


So even this guy is clearly pretending to be a member of EA, this is still fun to watch. By the way, Americans use period “.” as the decimal point, not the comma “,” so the price should be 9.99 USD not 9,99 USD, act a little bit more realistic my boi


Americans alſo uſually write it $9.99 and juſt expect everyöne elſe to figure out that it’s USD.


This was great! You’re a cool guy bro :laughing:


We saw your complaints about our writting, we promise that we’ll consider replacing one of our community managers with a better one.
(Just to be clear, this account is NOT trying to fool anyone that this is real EA, it’s to make fun of EA, and their working strategies, things like “our overpriced and pointless dlcs” are written on purpose to give you a hint it’s just a joke.<3)
EDIT: It’s even put in the off topic category so noone gets confused if it’s real or not.


This will be the worst game ever if EA will buy it :slight_smile: